Grades K-2

A message from your teacher:

I am so excited to be the K-2 teacher at TLC Prep! For me, K-2 is the “starting gate” for all the learning you are about to embark on. I want to make learning fun, interesting, and meaningful. We will use hands-on activities and experiences, as well as visit many fun and interesting places which will have many things we can learn.

It is my desire that while at TLC Prep Jesus will become your personal friend and Savior. Continuing to nurture your relationship with Jesus is my number one priority.

While we at TLC Prep strive for your success on earth, eternal life in heaven is our ultimate goal for you. “Preparing young minds for eternity” is the mission of TLC Prep.

I look forward to learning and growing with you this year!

Mrs. A

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Grades K - 2