Teachers possess the skills to teach, the compassion to nurture, and the creativity to make the academic challenge a road to discovery.  We utilize a blend of strong academics combined with opportunities for individual social and spiritual growth. 

Parent Satisfaction  

According to a recent independent survey, TLC Prep ranked in the 97th percentile nationally in parent satisfaction out of over 500 faith-based schools throughout the nation.  

Physical Education 

Our daily physical education classes assist in developing self-esteem, coordination, and team cohesiveness as well as individual goals. We believe the body is the temple of God and we try to honor it through our P.E. classes, recess schedule, and hot lunch program.  Our winter ski (grades 3-8) and swim (grades K-2) programs are an important part of not only physical education, but also gives our students opportunities to mentor younger students and demonstrate responsibility, among many other character traits. 


Leadership skills are encouraged at all levels.  Prayer Buddies, where students from all grade levels come together to share prayer requests and praises, allows our upper grade students to mentor and socialize with the lower grade students.  Students from all grade levels have the opportunity lead out in Children’s Chapel every Monday, Education Sabbath twice a year, and yearly programs such as Biography Tea, Seniors’ Luncheon, and Art Show.


Technology is integrated into all classrooms, beginning in Kindergarten.  Classroom instruction and activities reinforce student learning.   

Lego Robotics 

TLC Prep is proud to be a part of the First Lego League and Adventist Robotics League.


Art instruction takes place once a week and introduces our students to basic visual art principles, and history through drawing, painting, recycled materials, and other media.  We take advantage of our close proximity to Washington, D.C., and Richmond by visiting the National Gallery of Art or the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts each year to view the artists we study.  Our annual Art Show/Exhibit highlights the students’ art.  Students share their knowledge of the artists studies with the visitors.  


We have a diverse music program at TLC Prep.  Upper grades participate in hand chimes and chorale and gather with hundreds of students each year for a music festival.  Students in lower grades learn music appreciation and theory through listening, singing, movement, playing instruments, and formal instruction. 


As a Christian school, spirituality is incorporated into most aspects of daily life at TLC Prep.  From music, to our choices in library books, to our teachers, to our prayer time each morning, we encourage our students to have a personal relationship with God.   Several students also have the opportunity to participate in a program called “Partnering for Eternity.”  This special program matches senior “mentors” with students in grades 3-8.  The children spend 1 hour per week with their senior mentor doing either interacting socially or helping their mentor with some light housekeeping (sweeping floors, washing dishes, taking out trash, etc.).  This has proven to be a blessing for both the seniors and the children.  

Social Studies 

Our social studies program incorporates history, geography, sociology, Biblical history, and political science.  We are blessed to have a diverse school population.  We take advantage of this diversity with the study of different cultures represented in our community at our biannual Multicultural Fair.  

Passion for Learning 

We are fortunate to admit many students who are blessed with a strong intellect.  We are committed to fostering a passion for life-long learning in students who possess a strong will and an outstanding determination to overcome educational obstacles.


Affording an independent Christian education can be an expensive proposition for many families.  TLC Prep endeavors to control costs so that we are able to keep tuition at a rate that is attainable for all.  We also offer scholarships and financial aid.